Frequently Asked Questions

What is SocialHero?
SocialHero is a social media marketing solution by Vendasta. SocialHero combines best-in-class social media management software with a network of digital experts to help small businesses succeed online. Participating Vendasta partners receive referred leads originating from the SocialHero website. The small business clients are then provided with Vendasta’s Social Marketing and social marketing services fulfilled by the participating partner’s business.
Is this a new program from Vendasta?
Yes, SocialHero is a lead generation pilot program that launched in April 2022 with a small group of trusted partners.
How has SocialHero changed?
SocialHero was previously a standalone, white-label solution for small businesses. Now, marketing material will include the Vendasta name, aligning with our trusted brand. This means more traffic and more potential leads for participating Vendasta partners.
How is SocialHero different than the Social Marketing product?
Social Marketing is a white-label social media marketing tool built for small businesses and delivered by Vendasta partners. SocialHero is a lead-generating solution that incorporates the Social Marketing tool alongside expert social media marketing services provided by partners like you.
How does the referral process work between an interested SMB and a participating Vendasta partner?
When a small business indicates its interest in SocialHero from the SocialHero website (, a Vendasta representative is notified. The small business is then referred to a participating partner on a round-robin basis. Some participating partners may indicate they only want leads from specific geographic locations. That’s taken into consideration with round-robin assignment.
What does it mean to be a “participating partner” for SocialHero?
Partners are approved to participate in the SocialHero program through a form. It’s through that form that partners agree to receive leads through the program, and also agree to participate in co-marketing opportunities including writing a guest blog post, sharing a case study, and/or sharing a client testimonial to Vendasta. Partners must be approved for participation.
Is SocialHero white-label?
SocialHero is no longer white-label. It is affiliated with the Vendasta brand.
I’m a Vendasta partner who wants to participate in the new SocialHero program. How do I join?
Please fill out this form and a Vendasta representative will get in touch.
Is there a cost to participate in the SocialHero program?
There is no cost to participate in the SocialHero program, though participants agree to contribute content to Vendasta. Specifically, they may write a guest post, share a case study, or share a client testimonial.
I’m a SocialHero participating Vendasta partner from the previous program and I want to opt out. How do I do that?
If you are already a participating partner and wish to opt out, please contact your PDM or email Komal Salvi [].
Are there any guarantees with the SocialHero program?
While Vendasta is thrilled to find new ways of helping generate leads for your business, we can not guarantee any number or frequency of leads through the SocialHero program.
If Vendasta is doing this with its Social Marketing product, are there future plans to add other products/services (such as review management, websites, etc.)?
If Vendasta is successful in its efforts to generate leads for participating partners, the company may consider adding other owned and operated products to the Hero Suite. We will be sure to keep you informed of any new opportunities through email notice.